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Join the LEAP Researchers 2022

Many Early Career Researchers find it difficult to pursue innovative, out of the box research addressing urgent sustainability challenges, especially in the fields of economics and management. They often lack personal and professional support, not only when it comes to their own projects. They struggle to embrace their role of educators and often face the dominance of traditional theories and education methods at their institutions. This is why in 2020, we launched a pilot project called LEAP Researchers with 12 early career researchers, aiming to address these challenges.

Now, you have a great opportunity for you to become part of the new LEAP Researchers cohort 2022!

What is waiting for you?

  • Connection and joint learning with like minded early career researchers from around the world which is tailored to your needs and wishes. The group will shape own learning process. Monthly online meetings will alternate personal development sessions with professional training, and 4 days onsite summer meeting in July or August is planned.
  • You will get monthly individual coaching and a possibility to join a peer coaching group. You will be connected with a coach, who will support your individual development. 
  • You will be invited to practice what you learn and further develop through supporting university students in their projects. Most of these projects of oikos student community will aim at embedding sustainability in the core of economics and business education. (Examples:  student driven curricula reviews, courses co-creation, campaigning, raising awareness on sustainability, etc.)

Click here to get more information and apply