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Knowledge Exchange Expedition: oikos Outreach Manager visited oikos Chapters in India

As part of the Knowledge Exchange Expedition, oikos Outreach Manager, Clémentine Robert, visited local oikos chapters and attended conferences on Sustainable Development in India.  She traveled to Jamshedpur, Kolkata and New Delhi to strengthen oikos alumni network in these cities, to better connect the local oikos community to the international one, to understand challenges and needs of the local chapters and learn more about the Indian perspective on sustainability.

Learn more about her visit in this report – Knowledge Exchange Expedition (February, 2018).

About Knowledge Exchange Expedition:

With the support of the “Expeditions” program of the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, oikos Outreach Manager Clementine Robert has moved to India in 2017 to deepen our engagement with our alumni on the subcontinent, as well as to foster the integration of sustainability perspectives from emerging countries into oikos activities.

Clementine is hosted by swissnex India in Bangalore. Over the last few months, she connected with alumni and oikos chapters as well as key actors in sustainability in India. She will return in summer 2018 to join us in the management team to ensure the integration of the lessons learned into our initiatives moving forward.