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LEAP Mid-term Meeting 2021

We are almost ready to kick off our LEAP Mid-term Meeting! Here are some details about our first event since the start of the pandemic to include the in-person aspect:

Following over a year of absence of in-person events in the oikos International calendar, we’re finally in a position to organize an onsite meetup for part of our community! As some countries started to ease travel restrictions over the last months, our LEAP team put in a lot of hard work to make the LEAP Mid-term Meeting possible not just online – but also onsite.

In person, at last

The 2020/2021 LEAP Advanced cohort began its nine-month journey this winter. Initially the situation didn’t allow for an onsite kick-off meeting, so over the next 4 months the participants got to know each other and the program itself completely virtually. However, as the circumstances improved, we are finally able to host a partially in-person event.

For the last week of July, we will be hosting the Mid-Term Meeting at the sunny village of Leysin in the Swiss Alps, the traditional venue for LEAP kick-off meetings. Unlike traditional meetings, the upcoming one will be accessible onsite only to a portion of participants, as some countries still face travel restrictions due to health risks. It’s for this reason that participation is not limited only to in-person attendance but also is open for others to join virtually from their homes.

This will mark the first time in over a year that our event was not entirely limited to the online format. It’s also a special occasion as the LEAP Mid-term Meeting in Mörlbach, Germany, in early March of 2020 happened to be the last oikos International event organized in-person. Although still limited in different aspects, our in-person 2021 LEAP Mid-term Meeting in Leysin presents a major step in adapting our events to the ongoing pandemic, but also preparing ourselves for the post-COVID future.

Leading from the future as it emerges

In the face of the pandemic and many other social and environmental challenges, we wish to prepare participants to lead from the future as it emerges. For that, we will continue using Theory U as our methodology, with a balance between reflection/observation and active learning. Diving in the 7 leadership capacities of Theory U, to support them in continuing developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the leader of tomorrow: including an open mindset, self-reflection habits, coaching and facilitation skills. We will approach the topic of Leading From the Future As It Emerges, addressing some deep questions of the IKIGAI (meaning of life in Japanese). Participants will look at what the world needs, what they love and are good at doing and explore their big why

The meeting is completely participant-driven. From Day 1 & before the meeting, the participants will have the opportunity to choose and suggest roles to own the moment and make the best of this experience.

We’re very excited to host everyone joining us over the next week, both in Leysin and online, for the opportunity to learn from each other and create special moments on the Leap Advanced journey filled with life and connections!

COVID19 Notice: For the onsite Meeting in Leysin, special COVID 19 measures are in place, which were developed together with the participants, with the goal to protect everyone and create a safe environment where everyone can feel at ease. Every participant is urged to respect the rules and each other’s boundaries.

LEAP Advanced is a track of our flagship Leadership Program LEAP. It is an intense 9-month-long leadership development journey that challenges participants to face the most daring questions in life. The onsite Mid-Term Meeting is financed by Movetia. Click here to learn more.