What is LEAP?
LEAP is the oikos Leadership Program focusing on building capacity in the oikos community with the necessary competencies, qualities, practices, tools and global network to become conscious leaders in the co-creation of thriving and sustainable societies.


Since it's start in 2015 the LEAP many different inititatives have eveloved within the LEAP out of the needs of the community.

Why do we need (to) LEAP?
The question of transitioning to sustainability, creating thriving and flourishing living systems highlights the need for conscious leadership development. There is a blind spot in our global efforts to create a sustainable global society. A growing number of researchers in sustainability science, as professor Christine Wamsler from Lund University, elucidate that our sustainability challenge cannot be resolved only by new technology, policy or governance approaches. There is a need to address leadership, to educate and prepare students to lead solutions for sustainability and to focus on the role of the inner dimensions (described as people‘s mindsets consisting of values, beliefs, world-views, motivations and associated cognitive, emotional and relational capacities) of human beings and the potential of inner transformation as a powerful leverage point for sustainability (Wamsler 2019a).
A big part of oikos’ mission is to transform education. We understand we have a significant role in developing our individual and group members to be inspired, skilled and empowered at imagining and leading sustainability transitions. In this context, LEAP plays a key role in introducing emerging leadership models, in order to overcome the dominant paradigm of leadership, which is often seen as a driver of unsustainable practices.


How do we create impact?
LEAP adopts transformative and emancipatory perspectives to education. Seeking to stimulate self-awareness and critical thinking, LEAP considers pedagogical approaches and methodologies that encourage participants to critically consider and reflect on personal and collective world-views, values, practices, and behaviors. At the same time LEAP offers the participants opportunity of active involvement, with several chances for co-creation and prototyping during their leadership journey.

Framework & Methodology

Who can be a part of it?
The whole oikos community including chapter members, alumni, partners & friends can be a part of the LEAP. For the target groups of the individual initiatives please check their websites
What our community says about LEAP