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oikos at Urban Future 2024 – Win a free ticket!

We’re excited to share that we are hosting a session at the Urban Future conference taking place in Rotterdam from 5 to 7 June and we’re offering an opportunity to our Community to win a free ticket for the entire conference!

Trust me, I’m a changemaker – oikos workshop

Listen carefully: How to avoid your change project from blowing up
Changemakers are people of action, not theory. It’s just that, when things go wrong, there will be voices saying: “We told you so… you did not listen”. Former allies will distance themselves from you, eroding trust. So, to prevent your change project from blowing up, you need to learn that not-so-secret superpower called listening. Piece of cake, right? Well, far from it. Some people are just not good at it; we excel elsewhere. This is your chance to practice active listening. Then, we change roles: you’ll be the one to do the talking. Let’s help each other grow as changemakers. Showing up already sets you apart from the rest!

UrbanFuture 2024

Urban Future is an annual event taking place in a different city each year and brings together thousands of ‘CityChangers’ from all over the world to share how they create transformation and which mistakes are made, accelerating change and successfully shaping the future of our cities. Born out of a local urban mobility workshop in Graz, Austria, Urban Future has become the largest event for urban change-makers in Europe within just a few years. In 2024 the conference will take place in Rotterdam from 5 to 7 June bringing together activists, influencers and leaders with different backgrounds, like urban planning, architecture, mobility, energy, real estate, housing, tech, and public administration.

Win a free ticket for Urban Future 2024

This year as UrbanFuture partners, we are providing a special opportunity for oikos Community – a free ticket giveaway open to all oikos Chapter members as well as oikos Alumni! How to partake in the giveaway? There are three simple steps:

  1. Be an oikos Chapter Member or oikos Alumni and be sure you are able to attend Urban Future from 5 to 7 June! Please be mindful of your fellow oikees and only apply if you can commit to attending the conference! It is important for both oikos and Urban Future to have oikos Community represented at the conference.
  2. Fill in this form by 4 May. It contains a line of questions to showcase yourself and your motivation that will allow us to filter out the applications and choose the winner randomly among the motivated and engaged members of our Community
  3. Confirm your participation – the lucky winner will be informed on 6 May and be given two days to confirm their participation.

Good luck!