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‘Leaping up’ our students impact

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As the year almost draws to an end, we take a look at the big developments in oikos behind us – a shift in governance, a reimagined branding and a new digital infrastructure for the community, along with opening of a handful of new chapters on three continents. As years go, 2021 was quite action-packed, but why stop there? With our plans and ambitions for the next year, we want to take it to the next level! Together with our student community for sustainability in economics and business education, we are heading into a year full of exciting initiatives & mind-opening projects that will shape the future of our organization. Will you be part of our impact?

At the moment, we can happily say that oikos is thriving and we envision 2022 going even further from what we have achieved in 2021. We are blessed with a community never short of people, ideas and motivation to make things happen. However this is sometimes not enough, as the only limiting resource is funding – and this is where YOU can contribute. By supporting our renowned leadership initiatives or innovative work of our student members in transforming economics and business education, you help us keep the programs open and free for students.

For this reason we are launching a new campaign on GlobalGiving on Tuesday, November 30 as a part of their #GivingTuesday. On GivingTuesday GlobalGiving have put aside a pool of $1 million distributed along all of its platform members, meaning that the share each campaign is based on the amount raised in one day. For you, this means that through donating you can multiply your impact and support us beyond the amount you pledge. If you wish to partake in the campaign, mark your calendars and support our campaign on Tuesday, November 30!