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Member Thoughts Post Asia Meet 2016


“The oikos Asia Meet 2016, or The OneWorldConference, as we called it, was a very creative experience. We clearly understood since day one, that trying to organize a platform for people across the globe to meet in Asia was a very huge task but the entire organizing team proved that it was possible with the most tedious of efforts. We saw many amazing people coming up with brilliant ideas and suggestions on sustainable development, and the true success of the oikos Asia Meet 2016 stemmed out of this very fact that sustainability found many more hands to help it grow. The entire organizing team, which includes me as well, had a productive and amazing time with people who joined us for this brilliant experience. Although we faced our fair share of difficulties, in the end it was all a worthy learning experience.” – Vishesh Godavarthi, oikos Vellore Member 2016






AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQ8AAAAJDNjYmRjZWNjLTJjYWUtNDk0NS1iOWZlLTk0MmQ5YTM4OGM1Yg“When the Vellore chapter was given the privilege of hosting the Asia Meet back in
November 2015, we decided to get things underway immediately. An early start helped us prepare for most of the risks we would eventually face. The conference was organized by a small, coherent team that covered each others’ lapses and shortfalls. Feuds and arguments are part of any successful campaign, and there were plenty for us to reflect on. But, at the end of the day, with 40 odd people from different places and cultures, adequate funding, an eventful program and sessions by inspiring group of practitioners, we concluded the Asia Meet with a revitalising visit to Auroville, much to the relief of most who could let off some steam and return to their lives, once again.” – Shyam Srinivasan, oikos Vellore President 2015/16







“Since I became aware of oikos and mistakenly applied for a Board Executive Member position back in October last year without actually being a chapter member, oikos has been a nice surprise for me. I have always felt welcome despite the odds of not being exactly a young student any more. Probably in spirit I continue to be… In my enthusiasm to discuss sustainability and be part of this awakening consciousness that we are part of a much broader ecosystem and that our way of living is simply not sustainable if we carry on business as usual. And I’m very grateful to oikos for the opportunity to visit the colorful India. A true social, economic and cultural kaleidoscope that seems has just awaked and it’s eager to contribute for building a more sustainable future.

From the sessions on sustainability going through interesting and thought-provoking discussions on green architectural and on smart cities and public policies to the testimonials of social entrepreneurs who gently shared their initiatives on daring to think differently and to create business models that are at the same time sustainable, social responsible and, who would say, profitable, Asia Meet 2016 was a great experience. But above all the most fulfilling feeling I brought back home was the care and the warm friendship of several friends I made out there. Some of them I had met in FutureLab 2015… However it was in India, in their home, that I felt their hospitality and realized even more how much they care about sustainability and especially about sharing the dream of building a more sustainable future.

And in this atmosphere of sharing experiences and reinforcing lovely bonds of friendship of Asia Meet 2016, if you allow me a moment of poetry, I would like to borrow a quote from the great Brazilian writer Guimarães Rosa… “The master is not the one who teaches; it’s the one who suddenly learns”So that oikos all over the world grows as a community in which as members we may learn and become masters for one another.” – Luiz Alfredo Santos, oikos Member