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New Year Message to the oikos Community

Dear oikees,

We feel that in this spirit of the holidays and the sense of closing another wonderful year, it is a perfect occasion to express our gratitude in the name of oikos international for all the hard work, effort and support all of YOU – the lovely oikees have dedicated to oikos, its programs, projects and fulfilling our shared mission and vision.

It’s truly a blessing co-presiding over such a community of devoted changemakers joining forces in pursuit of making a difference and realizing our common goal of a more sustainable future. Your contribution, whether on a local chapter level as a member, or alumni, or at the international level as members of the Thematic Squads, Working Groups, Board, Management Team, or the organizing teams of various projects is immeasurable to oikos International.

This year, what we, as a community, have created had a far-reaching impact, both on local and international levels and all of this was made possible by YOU! Your great dedication and hard work served as an inspiration to others, both within and beyond our network. Your stories create hope, new ideas and fresh energy – all of which we need to bring the change to our homes, universities, communities, environments and ultimately – the entire world. We want to make your stories heard! The stories which will inspire a new generation of leaders eager and capable to drive climate action and advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you all once more for the passion and all the efforts you have put in oikos this year! We wish you the best of luck when taking on new challenges in the months ahead and want to reach out our hand – because whatever the challenge is, we can face it together!

Happy holidays!

Warm greetings for all of you around the globe,

Darija, Sophie & oI team