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Open Call: oikos International Co-Presidency 2022-2023

**The deadline for application was moved from 5 to 8 of August**

This article is part of a series of articles on oikos Co-Presidency. Here you can find information on how to apply to become a candidate. You might want to catch up with oikos Co-Presidency before reading:
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Extraordinary oikos Legislative Meeting in August – The election process for the first ever oikos Co-President.


Are you ready to rise to the challenge of stewarding a global community of student change agents, together with your learning partner? Does the prospect of learning, growing, developing a multitude of leadership competencies and capacities ranging from the individual to the community and global economy level excite you?


Apply today to become the next Co-President of the oikos International! 


Application Term: 16.6 – 8.8.2021

Elections will take place during the virtual Legislative Meeting in August (prospective date: 15.8)

Duration of presidency: November/December 2021- December 2023 (2 years full-time, remote)


What the work of an oikos president looks like: 


As an oikos co-president, you will be working in a highly complex, ever-changing but also truly supportive environment. You will work with a colorful team of around 25 employees and volunteers from all over the world, mostly but not limited to our virtual office. In your role, the team will actively support you and they count on your guidance and facilitation to some extent. What’s new: There will be another co-president stewarding the organization together with you. You will be the first on e to enjoy this opportunity of holding the role together with a learning buddy in the pilot term of this new structure. Learn more about the co-presidency here.


As a co-president, you are a full time employee of oikos. You will be paid a net-salary of 2000 chf and your official travel expenses will be covered by the organization.


What you will do: a co-president’s core responsibilities:


As a president, your roles and tasks are very diverse and cover all aspects of the organization. Roles will be agreed upon between co-presidents, the sharpening and agreement will happen in an appreciative conversation after the election. Acknowledging that oikos is a complex organization, we assume that it needs this space to shape the roles together in close collaboration.


Next to several granular roles that are owned by either one or the other, there will be several roles that will/should be shared by both, eg. to better regulate long-term partnerships or help the presidents to navigate the whole community. Beyond this, each role is enriched to address oikos’ purpose and the personal development needs of the individuals.


Examples from the portfolio are..


  • Tending the oikos community by listening in, making sure we are connected to the community, exploring new pathways and encouraging the chapters
  • Stewarding the international team and taking care of forming & facilitating the  oikos Board and the Management Team. There are several organizational development initiatives that require our attention.
  • Facilitating our international & global strategy development to guide and map the activities, impact and development of the oikos community around the world;
  • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders towards fostering financial and non-financial partnerships and collaborations. This includes being in the (advisory) board of several partner organizations and representing the network at various international conferences, seminars, etc. Fundraising is a big part of this aspect;
  • Overseeing, contributing to and advising oikos international initiatives like FutureLab, Curriculum Change Initiative or the LEAP Program and advising the organizing teams of community projects with an international scope
  • Ensuring that all administrative and legal matters are running smoothly, and supporting the dedicated team members in these matters


Over the two years of presidency, you will grow and learn a lot, not only as a person but also professionally and as a leader. You will gain first-hand insights into how the wider network of sustainability and higher education works, where it is moving and how we at oikos have an influence that matters. On the ground, you will liaise and collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders working in the field of sustainability and foster relationships to key individuals and movements in academia and business. One thing is sure: your leadership competencies will be on test – and you will definitely grow beyond yourself on this fascinating learning journey!


What you should bring: Needed qualifications and characteristics:

  • A proximity to and understanding of the oikos community, and the current needs, wishes, and topics of the network. We only accept applications from within the network.
  • A passion for sustainability in higher education and leadership development with an understanding of how it relates to oikos’ Vision, Mission and purpose;
  • an understanding of oikos’ organizational setup and general functioning;
  • Ability and curiosity for leading in complexity: being able to navigate complex challenges and handle overwhelming situations for yourself and the team
  • A willingness to learn and adapt (management skills, software packages such as Salesforce, website content management, etc.)
  • Facilitation competencies and leadership skills
  • Fluency in English in speaking and writing, basic knowledge of German is a helpful plus
  • Exceptional communication skills and an ability to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and cultures;
  • Experience with project management with an eye for detail.


How to apply?


It’s simple: Fill in the application form below, including 


  • A motivation letter (max 2 pages);
  • Your vision and action plan for oikos (max 2 pages);
  • Your CV (max 2 pages);
  • A brief introduction (about 150 words) and picture for the oikos website;
  • A reference letter;
  • A video of up to 3 minutes detailing your candidature


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Need more information?

Check out the experiences of past Presidents on our social media channels.

We will host 2 info & Q&A calls in our virtual office on Friday, July 9 & Friday, July 16 at 5 pm CEST each. Do not hesitate to email us for further questions you may have.