Rethinking Economics is hiring

Our friends from Rethinking Economics are hiring at two positions – Senior Operations Manager & International Gathering Organiser.

Senior Operations Manager

There is an exciting opportunity to join the RE International staff team as Senior Operations Manager! The ideal candidate will be an experienced professional who can take the lead on implementing the RE anti-oppression strategy and its recommendations, while also working with the team to best identify how to best work together efficiently, safely and effectively. They will have a good understanding of UK HR, employment and recruitment law and good practice. They will also have experience of monitoring evaluation and project and organisational management for small organisations. The candidate needs to be UK based.

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International Gathering Organiser

The second exciting opportunity to join the RE staff team is as the International Gathering Organiser!

RE have organised one International Gathering in 2018 where they brought together their movement of economics and related subject students to think about strategy and develop a sense of community. The International Gathering that the successful candidate will organise will be modelled on this event. As well as planning it, they will help to deliver the sessions to 70 attendees in Paris and possibly one other location, with the support of the staff team.

RE will be accepting candidates from the UK, Germany and candidates based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Rethinking Economics

posted November 22, 2021

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