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Time to Apply: oikos Spring Meeting 2017!

We drink, we eat, we drive; we consume ‘stuff’ the entire day. But mostly not in a sustainable way! That’s why consumption is a critical issue towards sustainable development and, therefore, better citizenship. The United Nations even included this aspect in their Sustainable Development Goals. We bring the oikos network together to share and facilitate knowledge across different local chapters in order to promote, inspire and enable future solutions for action on sustainable consumption.

With the title: USE YOUR POWER – Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Decisions, the oikos Spring Meeting will consist of speeches, discussions and workshops. It will involve local firms and projects, which share their concepts of sustainable consumption. The aim of the conference is to increase the knowledge in the different areas of sustainable consumption as well as enhancing critical thinking and foster project experiences. Through this meeting, participants will be more aware of their responsibility as informed consumers, sustainability conscious employees and future leaders. Thus, they will be empowered to make more sustainable decision in their private and work life.

+++ The 1. registration deadline is the 10. December 2016 +++

You want more information? Follow this link: Keep an eye on the Facebook page too!