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Organisation of oikos Spring Meeting 2017

In the next year (23.03.-26.03.2017) oikos Hamburg is hosting the annual international oikos “Spring Meeting 2017”. Up to 1o0 international oikos students and students from Hamburg will deal with the topic of sustainable consumption under the title:

Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Decisions

“Sustainable Consumption” – the challenge of the 21st century

We drink, we eat, we drive; we consume ‘stuff’ the entire day. Because the world population is growing and the natural resources are limited, consumption is a critical issue towards sustainable development and, therefore, better citizenship. That’s why the United Nations includes this aspect in their Sustainable Development Goals. According to the German Council for Sustainable Development, sustainable consumption minimizes the negative ecological and social effects of a product and closes the loop of resource usage. We identified a need amongst our oikos members to be aware of existing concepts and future trends in order to enable sustainable decisions. Our vision is to bring the oikos network together to share and facilitate knowledge across different local chapters in order to promote, inspire and enable future solutions for action on sustainable consumption.

“Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Decisions”

Participants will increase their knowledge on sustainable consumption solutions and how to adopt them in the creation of own projects. Through this gathering, they will expand their personal and social skills as well as their entrepreneurial know-how. This will empower them to become more responsible citizens, successful employees and better leaders. The participants’ ability to critically reflect on own and others’ concepts and behaviors will increase. They will be aware of future trends and will challenge themselves to find solutions to existing problems. Through participatory learning, they will also learn how to design and implement ideas in the theme. Overall, these exercises will empower participants to gain a worldview that enables to take more sustainable decisions influencing their private, social, work life and our systems as a whole.

Participatory Learning for Sustainable Solutions

You cannot learn about sustainable consumption by only listening to experts’ speeches, you need to be active and re-think existing consumption habits. Within oikos we have used a sustainability leadership methodology in our programmes which is the “exploring-sharing-practicing-reflecting” methodology. The participants of this Spring Meeting will…

  • Listen to experts in the field of sustainable consumption.
  • Discuss current trends and challenges with the experts and challenge you existing perspective on consumption.
  • Experience existing projects, concepts and business models.
  • Reflect about existing gaps and untargeted challenges.
  • Create new project ideas to spread sustainable consumption.

Learning will occur through discussions, alternative ways of conference interaction, a “fair of concepts” and workshops on different areas of consumption.