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[CLOSED] We are searching for new house facilitators for 2023!

What is a house? – A house is a peer group among chapters and offers a personalized space for exchange on learnings and opportunities. Each house is a unique composition of 4-5 oikos chapters that has their own identity and regularly comes together in house calls. The house calls are hosted by house facilitators.

What is a house facilitator? – A house facilitator is a connection maker & coordinator! House facilitators are warm, open-minded people with a community spirit. They creatively bring their house at the virtual table to meet, exchange and learn with and from each other.

What are the responsibilities? – Building personal relationships & an identity with chapters in their house, Coordinating monthly calls with their house, Attending regular exchange calls with other house facilitators, Communicating to oikos International about current health & status quo in house, Passing on information from oikos International to the chapters

What’s the expected commitment? – 3-6 hours/month for a minimum of 6-12 months

What is in it for you? – Become an official volunteer of oikos International, the umbrella organization of the oikos community (benefits include: access to coaching, Udemy online courses, international volunteer experience to put on your CV and more), Practice your facilitation skills, Connect to amazing people from around the world

Interested? Reach out to Carolin Lemke (caro.lmk) in a direct message on Discord!
We look forward to welcoming you in the team soon!

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