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What are oikos Learning Circles Up To? Energy and Entrepreneurship

Out of the six oikos Learning Circles we today present updates from the Energy and Entrepreneurship Learning Circles.



“The Energy Learning Circle targets to collaborate with Renewable Energy-centered start ups like the Indo-Australian social enterprise, Pollinate Energy (PE), which provides India’s Urban Poor with devices like solar panels and lanterns at a low-cost micro-loan system. We aim to support these ventures with new aspects of their business model. Members of our learning circle would learn about the microfinance models, business strategy and technical aspects, while including its difficulties in the first step. Further, we intend to come up with new ideas dealing with the topic “sustainable housing”, where the focus is the promotion of sustainable housing in two contexts; First, for the private owners to build an efficient house in terms of HVAC consumption. Second, propose the public policies to implement housing for the Urban Poor.

To formulate the sessions of the Learning Circle, we invite motivated oikees to communicate their ideas on our Facebook page or contact us (Managers) to have a fruitful discussion while presenting the ideas to the concerned parties. With their feedback, and along with the other members within the Learning circle, we brainstorm the ideas and concertize solutions to improve the impact. Looking forward to having your valuable input, Do join us!”



The Entrepreneurship Learning Circle aims to give the participants a feel of how an idea can be transformed to a business case while helping them understand the potential of their idea, along with a plan to provide a platform to validate the ideas through the experts & investors. The Learning Circle sessions will be divided into 2 parts – Before the FutureLab & During the FutureLab. It would a practical application of the theory learnt throughout.

As an outcome, we plan to setup an Entrepreneurship cell. This cell is our way of calling the Entrepreneurship Learning circle and stay active all the year round as the concept of Learning Circles suggests. The goal of this E cell is to provide support to the students who have potential ideas but are not aware how to move about. To equip them with tools and guides and convert their ideas. We will have faculty, oikos alumni, experts and guides for any help throughout the transformation. We look forward to exploring the potential projects and impactful outcomes. We are continuously looking for potential candidates who can run this E Cell. Get in touch with us and stay tuned!”