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Nearly all environmental organizations have a similar aim; to stop the degradation of the natural environment. However, the strategies which environmental organizations choose to employ are sometimes starkly different. This case compares the models of two dissimilar environmental powerhouses: Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).

Active in 100 countries, WWF works with governments, businesses, other NGOs, and communities to set up conservation programs to preserve natural habitat. In contrast, Greenpeace works to campaign for environmental change against governments and corporations and accepts funding only through individuals and foundation grants. This case explores the detailed history and business models of both organizations.

Authors: Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Jordan Mitchell
Institution: Harvard Business School, USA
Competition Year2008
TrackCorporate Sustainability
Key WordsBusiness Models, Social Responsibility, Environmental Organizations, Environmental Protection, Netherlands
Permission RightsThis case can be purchased from the Case Centre (reference number 9-708-418).
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posted June 30, 2008

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