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Living Homes

30 June 2008 | Cases | Entrepreneurship

Case abstract

Steve Glenn, a successful internet start-up entrepreneur, returned to his love of architecture and commitment to sustainability by creating a company that would provide signature, green, prefabricated homes to the “cultural creative” market. The case outlines the state of both the housing industry and the green building industry in 2007. Students will learn about the environmental impacts of buildings, the certification programs to build green buildings, and the critical elements of creating a sound business that capitalises on the green building industry.

Authors: Rebecca Henn, Andrew J. Hoffman
Institution: University of Michigan, USA
Competition Year 2008
Place 3rd place
Track Corporate Sustainability
Key Words Architecture, Start-up, Green Building, Housing Industry, Certification
Courses Environmental Business, Competitive Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Green Building
Permission Rights This case is available for purchase from GlobaLense. It is also part of the oikos Case Collection book (Volume 2): Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability published by Greenleaf.
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