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Cases Publications

Ndlovu: The clock ticks

Case Abstract


This case discusses the situation at Ndlovu Care Group (NCG) in July 2008. The group, founded by Dutch social entrepreneur Dr Hugo Tempelman, has been running a very successful health care facility – Ndlovu Medical Center (NMC) – in the township of Elandsdoorn in rural South Africa. The case discusses NCG’s plans to expand that success to other locations in the country.


At the time of the case, Dr Tempelman had just received a major grant from the Dutch embassy in South Africa to fund his expansion plans. This provides a perfect opportunity to discuss questions about how to replicate an intricate organization that has taken some 15 years to build, and whether that is even possible; what management structure is needed to oversee that replication; what risks are involved and how they might be mitigated. The need to balance increased professionalization with maintaining the founder’s passion runs as a thread through the case.


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