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oikos Case Quarterly: Tourism | Issue 11, September 2013

In this issue we focus on the challenges and opportunities the tourism sector faces in order to behave in a truly sustainable manner. The first case presents the strategic efforts and initiatives of a cruise ship builder, Holland America Line, to improve its fuel efficiency. The second and third reflect on the internal implementation process as well as the difficulties of in the adoption of environmental management practices and their communication through eco-labels.

Table of contents:

→ Foreword

Murray Silverman (San Francisco State University, USA) – Protecting our Oceans: Sustainability at Holland America Lines

Murray Silverman and Tom Thomas (San Francisco State University, USA) – Kimpton Hotels – Balancing Strategy and Environmental Sustainability.

Magali Delmas and Charles Corbett (University of California at  Los Angeles). – The Ambrose Hotel: Eco-labelling Strategies for Sustainable Lodging

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We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue. Please feel free to forward it to colleagues who are interested in teaching sustainability with cases. If you would like to share your experience in teaching sustainability with cases, we would be very happy to hear from you! Also if you have any feedback on the content of this issue and suggestions for the next issue, send us an email to