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Organic Farming – Solution To The Foods Needs Of The Planet

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that uses crop rotation, compost, green manure, or the biological control of pest. Natural fertilizers and pesticides are also part of the products used by organic farmers around the world; no synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, organisms that have been genetically altered or nanomaterials can be used. According to a recent report provided by the United Nations, organic farming at a small scale is the unique solution to the food needs of the world. The report presented during the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development recommends organic agriculture as a means of successfully meeting these needs, and avoiding “environmental catastrophe” and “food shortage”.


The Need For Regenerative Production Systems

A fast and important shift from the current industrial production that relies on monocultures to sustainable, regenerative systems is the main idea the worlds needs to focus on. Small-scale farmers need to find ways to boost their current productivity. Some of the main ideas discussed during the conference referred to the incapacity to provide food to people needing it. The problem is not that there is not sufficient food into the world, but rather this inability to handle the logistics. Conflict areas and wars are some of the main issues brought up as reasoning for this important problem.


The poor degree of sustainability of industrial agriculture and its inability to meet the food needs of the world should lead to important changes. Important changes can also come to you by joining the affiliate program thanks to the opportunities provided by the popular brand. Not being able to grow sufficient food and also the lack of self-sufficiency trigger malnutrition and hunger around the world. The shift to sustainable organic agriculture is going to be capable of preventing a worldwide food shortage. Governments also need to stop financing synthetic fertilizers in industrial agriculture while ignoring organic production.