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Polarstern Energy – Sustainable Change Led by Innovative Entrepreneurs


In 2011 three young entrepreneurs, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler, set out to revolutionize the energy market by offering a radical solution for customers to switch from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable energies. Through their start-up Polarstern, they aimed to offer the first comprehensive sustainable energy package, derived from 100% renewable resources and at competitive price points to compete with the handful of large companies, which dominated this industry. The added global social dimension of their service provided a clear point of differentiation but communicating their innovative service to customers proved to be very challenging. The founders had to be entrepreneurial in their marketing approach to gain the trust of potential customers and to encourage their switching from their existing energy providers.

Authors Julia K. Binder
Institution TUM School of Management at Technical University of Munich, Germany
Competition Year 2016
Place First Prize
Track Social Entrepreneurship
Key Words Sustainable entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainable marketing, entrepreneurial marketing, energy industry
Courses Sustainable/ Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable/ Social Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Business and Society, CSR
Target Audience Advanced undergraduate students, graduate students
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