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Renewable energy

 Sustainability is today one of the key words of our reality, our history teaches us that the natural environmental needs respect and protection. That’s where the renewable energy and the referred technologies come from.

The principle is that we need to use what Mother Nature offer us without to waste the resources of the environment. This means that the human impact on the environment should be the less massive and invasive ever and in order to respect this goal, we have to study new ways to use the natural resource all around us.

In this terms, the renewable energy is meant as a form of energy that comes from natural resources that are replenished on a human timescale. For example, the sunlight, the wind, the rain, the waves and so on are all forms of energy that can be used without to put an end to their existence.

One of the goals of the renewable energy is to replace other traditional fuels that turned out to be cause for the global pollution and that are hard to find once they are over. Electricity generation, hot water, motor fuels are all very polluting way to product energy in our houses, public buildings etc.

Today, all Countries are trying to apply and promote the renewable energies in order to start rethinking our human impact on the natural environment, and up to 16% of the global final energy consumption comes from renewable energies.

The main renewable energies come from natural phenomena like the wind power: airflows can be used to generate electricity. The hydropower can be also used to produce hydroelectric energy, currently it’s produced in 150 Countries, whose Asiatic Countries are the most advanced.

The solar energy is probably one of the most known renewable energies, we can see photovoltaic panels almost in all modern cities of the world. The biomass can give gases and other substances to fertilize the fields: it can be used via combustion to produce heat or after a treatment to form biofuel.

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