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Scojo Foundation: A vision for Growth at the Base of the Pyramid

Case abstract

Scojo Foundation uses a market-based approach to sell affordable reading glasses to the poor. While it had been another successful year for Scojo, Jordan Kassalow, Chairman and Co-Founder of Scojo Foundation, knew that the next 12 months would be critical in fulfilling the vision of the organisation he and Scott Berrie had founded five years before. There were a number of decisions he and his team would have to make before the board meeting the following month.

What distribution channel or combination of distribution channels would allow them to scale their business and societal impact most effectively? Should the emphasis of their mission be placed on increasing access to reading glasses or on developing entrepreneurs? This could have important implications for their choice of scaling strategy. And how could they best measure and maximise their societal impact? In the forefront of his mind, Jordan kept the goal of becoming a self-financing scalable enterprise that was not dependent on donations. How could he best manage the goals of societal impact and financial sustainability?


Authors: Ted London, Mary Christiansen
Institution: University of Michigan, USA
Competition Year 2008
Place 1st place
Track Corporate Sustainability
Key Words Social Enterprise, Foundation, Reading, Glasses, Scaling up, Growth, Societal impact
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