Wellcome – Growth of a Social Enterprise


wellcome offers support to families in the first weeks after a baby is born. Surprisingly, previously there was no service available to families in this new and often overwhelming situation of beginning parenthood. Statistics show that especially in those weeks mothers are endangered of showing symptoms of burn-out or postpartum depression due to exhaustion. wellcome sends volunteers to help mothers in their homes and fulfill tasks such as taking care of the baby or siblings and help in the household.

wellcome has realized an impressive growth since its foundation in 2006 and their teams are now present in almost every city in Germany. That was possible thanks to the social franchising strategy wellcome had developed, where existing social service providers serve as franchisees who locally coordinate and supervise the volunteers’ work.

Authors: Karin Kreutzer and Magdalena Kloibhofer
Institution: European Business School
Competition Year2014
TrackSocial Entreprenuership
Key WordsSocial Franchise, strategy, growth
Coursessocial entrepreneurship, social business, strategic management
Target AudienceBachelor, Master, MBA
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posted June 26, 2014

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