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Lecture: Ørsted and Tomorrow on Energy Sustainability

As part of Oikos Green Week 2018, join our exciting lecture in collaboration with Ørsted and Tomorrow. Get your ticket for free with the link above!

About the speakers: Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our time, and living sustainably requires navigating through a jungle of complex trade-offs, not easily understood and not always accessible. Information has to precede action. Olivie ... »

The Fall of SunEdison – A Solar Eclipse?


In 2016, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, US-based SunEdison Inc., filed for bankruptcy when it couldn’t service the debt it had raised to achieve aggressive growth. SunEdison had had an illustrious past; it had grown to become the largest solar installation company in the US and a global  renewable energy giant. By 2016, solar power had attained grid pari ... »

Wind in the Sails: Managing Social Acceptance of Large Wind Energy Projects in Switzerland


Shortly after the Fukushima meltdown of 2011, the Swiss government developed an Energy Strategy 2050, aimed to build up renewable energy capacity, improve energy efficiency and phase out nuclear energy. Yet, growth in the wind sector had been disappointing. This case study examines the factors that took the wind out of sails of large wind projects in Switzerland, paying special attenti ... »

New Report: Digital Economy and Sustainability

Digitalization – the increased use of information and communication technologies (ICT) – is affecting all areas of our lives. Rapid progress in the development of hardware and software is steadily moving us towards a fully-digital society.

The ways how we learn, communicate, and consume are cases in point. Applications and devices make it “easier” (in inverted comma, because sometimes t ... »


From 06.-08. March the HSG ENRG-Days take place at 01- Main building. Our goal is to sensitize the students to the possibilities of saving energy in student flats and thus save money. In addition to various info booths about the different ways of saving energy, we offer fun activities such as bicycles to produce energy. Last but not least students are invited to take part in our big competition. W ... »

Future Lab 2016: Walk the talk


oikos Future Lab vom 06. bis 09. November 2016 in St. Gallen


Unter dem Motto "Walk the talk" stand das Future Lab 2016, das jährlich von oikos International in St.Gallen veranstaltet wird. Gleich drei von uns haben die Reise in die Schweiz angetreten, um oikos Konstanz auf der Konferenz zu vertreten. Drei Tage gefüllt von spannenden Vorträgen, Workshops, Learning Circ ... »

oikos Case Competition in Association with Boond

oikos Kolkata is conducting its first inter-chapter case competition! For More Details, Check our Facebook Page: ... »

Smart Cities: The Link between Housing, Mobility and Energy

On November 15, oikos Alumni came together for the fifth Alumni Debate  in Zurich, Switzerland. The developments on the intersection of urbanization and digitalization were at the center of the debate.

Because the way we live in cities is drastically changing, oikos Associate Christoph Rappitsch chose the rubric Smart City as the vantage point of the discussions. What are the innovative techno ... »

Smart Cities - Really Smart or Just Digital?

oikos Alumni Debate on “Smart Cities” announced

The way we live in cities is drastically changing. Under the rubric Smart City innovative technologies rebuild the foundations of housing, mobility and energy. That's why oikos Associate Christoph Rappitsch has chosen the future of urban living as one research focus. In just a few weeks, on November 15, he will moderate a panel of distinguis ... »

Energy Storage, the Future? Not in Switzerland

Leading voices from the Swiss energy sector came together on October 21st at the University of St. Gallen for the annual oikos Conference, hosted and organized by oikos St. Gallen.

The topic of the one-day event: Energy Storage Solutions for the Future. To the surprise of the audience, which comprised oikos members and alumni, as well as faculty and students from major Swiss universities, the e ... »

Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing: Risk and Opportunity Analysis for Oil and Gas Companies, Investors and The Future Energy Sector - Lessons from the US

The present Masters (MEng) thesis aims to analyse both qualitatively and quantitatively, the risks and opportunities arising from shale gas development in the US. The thesis draws upon multiple studies in order to identify the most prominent shale development impacts and most pressing risks. Through the literature review and Scopus database analysis, the thesis illustrates both the exponential ris ... »

Polarstern Energy – Sustainable Change Led by Innovative Entrepreneurs



In 2011 three young entrepreneurs, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler, set out to revolutionize the energy market by offering a radical solution for customers to switch from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable energies. Through their start-up Polarstern, they aimed to offer the first comprehensive sustainable energy package, derived from 100% renewable resourc ... »

The Rise of a New Industry: Business Model Innovation at the Intersection of Energy and Mobility



Cofely, a large international technical services provider, is observing important changes at the fringes of its industry. Two industries that have experienced pressure towards being more environmentally responsive in the past, the automotive industry and the energy industry, are converging due to the emergence of electric cars. The Dutch subsidiary of Cofely is therefore sear ... »

Sustainability Day - University of Graz

oikos Graz is co-organising the sustainability day at the University of Graz.

More information can be found here. ... »

SUSI Partners @ oikos&Pizza

oikos St. Gallen will host SUSI Partners for oikos&Pizza. SUSI Partners is a Swiss investment advisor specialized in financing the development of sustainable infrastructure, including renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and the optimization of energy storage and grid infrastructure. Further information is available here. ... »

oikos FutureLab 2016

The oikos FutureLab is the biggest event in the annual oikos calendar which gathers representatives from the entire oikos community. It provides a 2-day platform for 140 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. More information is available here.

  ... »

Study in Prague!

New elective track of study within Master’s Programme  "International and Diplomatic Studies" now available at the University of Economics in Prague.

Environmental Policy and International Relations (EPIR) Study courses within this track offer insights from environmental economics and policy, sustainable management of natural resources and energy, international legal aspects in environmenta ... »

oikos Talk

Am 26. Januar haben wir wieder ein tolles oikos Event. Dieses Mal einen Talk!


Zu Gast: Marc Buckley von ANJA GmbH & Co. KG


Wann? 26.01.2016, 19 Uhr

Wo? Uni Hamburg, Raum folgt auf Facebook

  ... »

oikos ANU Organises Climate Change Event #BeTheDrivingForce

On November 20th, 2015, 80 participants gathered at the Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya. The morning started off with a warm welcome on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of the Africa Nazarene University read his speech here, followed by Mr. John Kioli, Chair of the KCCWG and Dr. Richard Lesiyampe, from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.



... »

Úplné zásobování obnovitelnou energií: Mýtus nebo realita?

  Na co se těšit? Téma obnovitelná energie je čím dal aktuálnější. Evropská unie má za cíl zvyšovat podíl obnovitelných zdrojů energie na 20 % celkové využívané energie, k čemuž Unie směřuje všechny možné nástroje a zdroje. Jaký dopad bude pro nás? Může obnovitelná energie úplně nahradit fosilně-jaderný systém energie a náklady na přestavbu? Poj ... »

AK Energiewende: Treffen (18:00)

Treffen des AK Energiewende im Café Duddel (Zülpicher Wall 8, hinter der UniMensa) um 18:00. Themen: Photovoltaik an der Uni Köln, Energy Round Table ... »

Interested in Renewable Energy Finance 2.0? We’d love to hear from you

For investments in renewable energy consumers, electric utilities as well as private and institutional investors use a wide range of financial instruments. In the past few years, innovative models like leasing, power purchase agreements, green bonds, yieldcos and crowdfunding – “renewable energy finance 2.0” – have moved up the agenda in this context. Earlier this week, we invited 22 parti ... »

Learning about Circulation at the oikos CEE Meeting 2015

On a very warm, windy and pleasant Vienna day, the oikos CEE Meeting 2015 commenced. Participants travelled from more than seven countries to be united in learning more about the concept of Circular Economy and generate a flow of interesting perspectives and ideas to share.


On the first day the participants were escorted to the headquarters of Global 2000, a Vienna-based NGO working ... »


The "Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty" CHALLENGE (September 1 - October 31 2015)


In Europe, 50 to 125 million persons are living in fuel poverty. Our friends at Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation believe that the most leveraged way to enable underprivileged people to have affordable access to energy is to invest in and engage entrepreneurs who create innovations ... »

Dr. Jim Yong Kim’s Dilemma: International Finance Corporation and the Tata Mundra Power Plant



The case study is about the dilemma faced by Dr. Jim Yong Kim (Kim), President of the World Bank Group, related to International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) funding of the Tata Mundra Project in India. The Mundra plant was one of the Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs) conceived with the objective of providing cheap electricity to power-starved states of India. Coastal Gujara ... »

The German ‘Energiewende’: RWE’s Strategic Choice



In July 2012 Peter Terium was named the new CEO of RWE, the biggest electricity provider in Germany. RWE has performed financially well over the previous 40 years with annual sales greater than €50bn since 2010. However, in 2014 the company had to disclose €2.8bn of net losses for the first time in its history.[i] This prompted an urgent need to change RWE’s corporate s ... »

oikos Event: Change Club




Am 10.6.2015 fand zum ersten, aber sicherlich nicht letzten Mal der "oikos Change Club" auf dem Campus der Universität Hamburg statt.


In entspannter Atmosphäre haben sich Studenten über die Gestaltung eines nachhaltigen Alltags ausgetauscht. Im Fokus standen hierbei vor allem die Themen Banking, Energie, Ernährung und Kleidung.

  Zum nachhalt ... »

Úplné zásobování obnovitelnou energií

Na co se těšit?  

Téma obnovitelná energie je čím dal tím aktuálnější. Evropská unie má za cíl zvyšovat podíl obnovitelných zdrojů energie na 20 procent celkově využívané energie, čemuž věnuje všechny možné nástroje. Jak to dopadne na nás? Může obnovitelná energie úplně nahradit fosilně-jaderný systém energie a náklady na přestavbu? Pojďte si po ... »

Energy Learning Circle Updates

The Energy Learning Circle 


A room on 19th floor of the Warsaw Financial Center is lighted by passion for solar energy. The sun is setting over the city when the Polish part of the Energy Learning Circle is still discussing financing models for the PV installations. Dominika, Hubert and Łukasz are wondering which option the FutureLab participants will choose to finance a project ... »

Fourteenth International Conference on Current Issues of Sustainable Development - Sustainable Energy Supply and Sustainable Product Innovation

W dniach od 26 do 28 czerwca 2014 na Wydział Ekonomiczny Uniwersytet Opolski odbyła się Fourteenth International Conference on Current Issues of Sustainable Development - Sustainable Energy Supply and Sustainable Product Innovation.

Podczas konferencji usłyszeliśmy wiele ciekawych, anglojęzycznych wystąpień przedstawicieli takich ośrodków akademickich jak: University of Applied Sci ... »

Search for Beer Crate II

Dear Students, the memorable moment has come! According to the statistics an average Pole drank 99 litres of beer in the year 2013. Just one remove from one hundred! It is mainly the students that contributed to the beer statistics, thus it is on your beer consumption that the increase relies. Become the leaders of the beer industry! oikos Warsaw invites you to improve the statistics with a bottle ... »

Meeting with Naoto Kan

Meeting with Naoto Kan, the former Prime Minister of Japan and the guest lecture entitled: "Disaster in nuclear power plant Fukushima - and what next?" that will take place at Warsaw School of Economics on March 21st 2014. The Prime Minister will not only discuss the events from March 2011, but also elaborate on the current situation of Japanese energy mix and attempt to answer the question wheth ... »

Wyjazdowe Seminarium Naukowe

Seminar on CSR at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University. The programme:

Thursday, 6th of March Departure from Warsaw Central Station at 20:50 Friday, 7th of March: Sighteesing of the Bogdanka coal mine 6.00 arrival, registration, examination by a doctor, Health&Safety training, other formalities 7.30-8.00 going underground 8.00-12.30 sightseeing inside the coal mine 12.30-13.00 go ... »

oikos Alumni Debates | Energy and Sustainability

The second oikos Alumni Debate was held in Zurich on January 21, 2014, Tuesday, from 18:00 to 21:00.

Three panelists will led the discussion on energy and sustainability: Armin Eberle (Energieagentur der Wirtschaft); Luca Pedretti (Axpo Trading) and Tilmann Liebert (International Institute for Sustainable Development).

More information here. ... »

Energysavers 2013: 2nd Day

Second day of the Energysavers 2013 workshops. For more details see the project's page. ... »

Energysavers 2013: 1st Day

First day of the Energysavers 2013 workshops. For more details see the project's page. ... »

Guest Lecture: Planetary Economics

What: Lecture of Professor Michael Grubb, University of Cambridge Topic: Planetary Economics: Energy, Climate Change and the three domains of sustainable development When: 18th November 2013, 9:50 am Where: Room 2a, building C, SGH, Warsaw (al. Niepodległości 128)

We have a pleasure to invite you to the lecture of Professor Michael Grubb. Prof. Michael Grubb is Chair of Energy and Climate ... »

Planetary economics - guest lecture

oikos Warsaw would like to invite all the students interested in climate change issues to the guest lecture held by prof. Michael Grubb, author of "Planetary economics". The discussion will be devoted to the economics of climate change, climate policy and attitute towards sustainable development. We are meeting on Monday, 18th November 2013 at 9.50 in room 2C (C Building of Warsaw School of Econo ... »

Sustainable Energy for Europe

Engaging workshops, controversial debates, nuclear reactor sightseeing, cultural activities and, of course, loads of energy! This was the conference  “Sustainable Energy for Europe” that was held in Warsaw on 12-15th September 2013.


The aim of the conference was to gather passionate individuals to discuss the challenges of both Polish and the European energy sector in the perspec ... »

Winter School

The 10th oikos Winter School is organized by students of the Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. This year’s central question is Green Economy or Post-Growth Society? – How can economics and businesses shift towards a more sustainable future and which way could be the most promising to do so?


We will discuss this year’s central question by thinking, debating and creating new id ... »

oikos PhD seminar

oikos PhD Seminar is a 2-day event dedicated to the topic "Energy and Environmental Economics" and hosted by oikos Warsaw. It aims to increase quality of research and create networking possibilities among PhD students from various countries.  Selected contributions will be considered for publishing.


The project will take place from 12 September 2013 till 13 September 2013, simultaneo ... »

oikos Central and Eastern European Meeting - Energy for Europe

oikos Warsaw is going to gather international community to discuss the future challenges of the European energy sector in the perspective of EU climate policy and CO2 emissions reduction targets. Read more ... »

Husk Power Systems: Lighting up the Indian Rural Lives

Case Abstract


Even in 2012, lack of electricity is a major issue in the Indian hinterlands. Many remote villages were not electrified and even those that were, have power supply for just a few hours in a month. This problem was acute in the state of Bihar in North India. Gyanesh Pandey, who grew up in Bihar experiencing the shortage of electricity, came up with a unique model to gener ... »

"Protecting Our Oceans": Sustainability at Holland America Lines

Case Abstract


This is a case about the threats to the world’s oceans seen through the lens of the $30 billion per year cruise line industry. There is a focus on Holland America Lines (HAL) as a sustainability leader in the industry. HAL has implemented a number of beyond compliance and efficiency initiatives and is ISO 14001 certified. The cruise line industry, and the maritime indu ... »

oikos Newsletter June 2013

Make it a summer to remember with oikos! Still not sure about where to travel this summer? Then join us at the Summer School in Baku or at the Sustainable Energy for Europe Conference in Warsaw or apply to be a Student Reporter at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian-China or simply join us in our online webinars on sustainable fashion. If you are a PhD student, y ... »

Energysavers 2012

"We want you… to become an Energysaver!" – that was the message addressed to students of four greatest Warsaw universities in November and December 2012 that expressed the main idea behind the Energysavers project. The fourth edition of oikos Warsaw initiative devoted to promoting sustainable energy consumption was fully supported by oikos International Project Development Fund.

The Energy ... »

oikos Case Quarterly: Energy | Issue 9, March 2013

The topic of our Winter 2013 issue is energy. In this issue we present three cases relating in different ways to the core topic.Two out of the three cases come from the oikos online case collection and the third one is provided by the SEKN Network. Additionally we count on the collaboration of Professor Debapratim Purkayastha (IBS Hyderabad, India) who shares his learnings and experiences on ... »

Nuru Energy

Case Abstract


Nuru Energy is a social venture that was created in 2008 by an MBA graduate with five years experience in the development sector. The entrepreneur starts from nothing, bootstrapping a social venture with the ambitious goal of providing affordable and effective lighting solutions to 800 million poor people without access to the electric grid in sub-Saharan Africa and Indi ... »

How to Establish and Manage a Social Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid: The Case of OSRAM in Africa

Case Abstract


Since September 2008 OSRAM runs a social business following the triple bottom line, which means that it has to be socially, environmentally and financially sustainable. The project, which provides light to regions that do not have power supply systems, was initiated at the Lake Victoria in Kenya. Using the latest technology and a totally new business model OSRAM is able ... »