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Green Camp

Green Camp aims to raise awareness about caring environment and creating the strong ties among people and nature through trainings, thus, the participants will be well-informed about sustainability and problems created by humans that harm the environment and will step forward for better world and communities.

During the event minimal lifestyle, eco-friendly habits, diets and student movement towards sustainable life will be explained and practiced through activities and camping culture will be promoted for being as a part of youth life.
In comparison with lectures and trainings about environmental issues, the participants will get practical skills which will help them to become more in touch with nature and understand the essence of protecting environment which plays a big role in human life and will be able to deter the possible negative individual impacts on it.

In conclusion, Green Camp targets to create a 3-day platform for youth in order to spend time together in nature and get informed about their influence on environmental issues, gain practical skills for protection of environment and create sustainable communities for better future for all.

Application form will be announced soon! Keep yourself up to date at the event page