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Guest lecture by Katherine Richardson

Dear oikees,

Time is flying, projects are running and we are well on our way to continue to promote sustainability at CBS and beyond.

But what is sustainability? What challenge are we trying to face with sustainable solutions? What are we actually aiming for together?

To answer these and other questions, we are very excited to announce a guest lecture by Katherine Richardson. She is a Professor in Biological Oceanography at KU and the leader of the Sustainability Science Centre. She is also a core researcher in the team looking into “planetary boundaries” – how much humans can safely appropriate from the Earth System Services.

In this lecture, Katherine will give us an introduction into the planetary boundaries and the current status of the environment. If there is time, we will also touch upon the developments in international politics, with the rather unsuccessful COP25 that was held in Madrid last year.

We will be joined by students from CBS Climate Club and Net Impact, to have a fruitful debate about where we are at the moment and how we can use this in our own activities.

No registration needed.

Note: only for oikos and Net impact members

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