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LEAP Advanced Webinar on Procrastination

On Wednesday, February 27th, 6:30pm CET oikos LEAP Advanced Participants will join in to the webinar on “Procrastination” featuring Timothy A. Pychyl

Tim is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University. He has garnered an international reputation for his research on the breakdown in volitional action commonly called procrastination. In addition to his scholarly publications as well as books such as Solving the Procrastination Puzzle (2013, Penguin) and Procrastination, Health and Well-Being (Elsevier, 2016; co-edited with Fuschia Sirois, University of Sheffield), Tim produces the iProcrastinate podcast (iTunes) and writes the Don’t Delay blog for Psychology Today (see for more information).

Tim’s research is complemented by his passion for teaching for which he has won numerous awards including the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, the Ontario Faculty Associations Teaching Award, The University Medal for Distinguished Teaching, the Graduate Faculty Mentoring Award, and, most recently, the Carleton University Student Association Teaching award. Tim has been an invited speaker across the country working with professors in universities and colleges to enhance teaching and learning.

When not on campus, you will find this self-described “dinosaur dad” at home on his hobby farm with his wife and children (ages 13 and 11). Together they care for their huskies and horses while enjoying the restorative countryside of the Ottawa Valley.