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oikos Asia Meet


Hosted by oikos’ Jamshedpur chapter at XLRI, Jamshedpur, this unique, highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place from 9th to 11th February, 2018.
In today’s fast-changing landscape with ever-impending social, economic and environmental disaster, this meet will try to provide a platform for an individual and/or organization to cultivate a sustainable mindset in order to bring forth a new age of leaders dedicated towards symbiotic growth in all spheres.

The belief behind the program is that sharing of ideas across the globe is critical to this sustainable future. With this in mind, the theme for the meet is “Empowering Our Roots”

The discourse will focus upon the following broad areas:
§ Sharing of international best practices for developing a sustainable environment
§ Leveraging said practices to suit context-driven needs
§ Conceptualization of projects based on the learnings imbibed.
The three-day event will be geared towards ensuring that every stakeholder involved assimilates and carries forward true belief in Empowering Our Roots” for a sustainable future.

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