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oikos Central and Eastern European Meeting in Vienna: Circular Economy

oikos Vienna proudly invites you to join the first international meeting in Vienna:

The oikos CEE Meeting 2015 will be hosted from September 16th-19th, 2015 in Vienna under the main theme:


Circular Economy.


Our current economic system is based on a linear production, where worn out element are being burned or disposed on a landfill. Circular economy on the other hand describes a manufacturing process where materials are reused in production after their “previous” life cycle has ended. Basis for the concept of the circular economy is the realisation that within a world of planetary boundaries production cannot rely on endless resources in the long run.


The oikos CEE meeting will focus on three cycles within a circular economy in particular:


wear, water & waste.


For more details on what we are going to do, please see the programme.


We are looking forward to welcome you all in Vienna to discuss about this interesting and important topic! In case of any questions, please send us an email to


See you soon,

Your CEE Meeting Organization Team



Anna, Astrid, Lena, Melanie, Michi & Sandra



Register here within June 30th.


Check our project page for more information.


Stay updated, join this event on Facebook!


When: September 16th, 2 pm to September 19. approx. 1 pm

Where: Vienna University of Business and Economics, Vienna


Language: English