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oikos LEAP Webinar “Leading for More Sustainabile Education”

Join one of three opne Webinars of the oikos LEAP Leadership Program

Up next is Geoffrey Scott, Emeritus Professor at the University of Western Sydney. Geoffrey will take us through his life-long experience in pushing universities to implement sustainability at its core — past its imagined boundaries.

His desire is to make students co-creators – instead of victims – of their curricula.

For the past two years he has been working as a National Senior Teaching Fellow with Australia’s Office for Learning and Teaching and in that position helped to bring about the platform “FLIPCurric”. Visit

How can I join?

Join our Facebook event here and click attend. We will post the call details there on the debate of the call. If you’re not an oikos member, but you would like to attend, email Adrian. You can also stay updated by following the event on the oikos Intranet.

Dr Geoff Scott is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education and Sustainability at Western Sydney University, Australia. From 2004-12 he was Pro Vice-Chancellor (Quality) and Executive Director of Sustainability at UWS.
He is a widely published author on change leadership, professional capability, assuring achievement standards and quality assurance in higher education. His book Turnaround Leadership for Higher Education with Canada’s Michael Fullan (2009) was nominated for the 2010 US Colleges Bellwether Award.

He is a former director of the Australian Council for Educational Research. From 2014-16 he was a National Senior Teaching Fellow with Australia’s Office for Learning and Teaching. In 2007, he was the Recipient of the Australian Higher Education Quality Award.

Learn about the oikos Leadership Program LEAP here: