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oikos Roundtable | Economics for a Sustainable Future – Driving Curricula Reform


oikos Roundtable

Thursday, 28 March 2019, 3.45 – 6.15 pm followed by apéro

Hosted at Impact Hub Geneva, Rue Fendt 1, 1201 Genève


Calls for reform in economics have intensified significantly in recent years. The financial crisis highlighted the risks of relying on a narrow set of neoclassical economic models and amplified demands for a more diverse approach to teaching and research in the field. Growing challenges to sustainable prosperity add further urgency to the need to shift. Rising inequality and environmental threats are cases in point.

Nonetheless, reform so far has been muted. Many curricula remain unchanged. Students have begun to demand change from their university departments and continue engaging in conversations about what they need to learn at their universities. At oikos, we have been working to reform economics and management for over 30 years. And we are not the only ones. Initiatives such as Rethinking Economics follow similar path. This roundtable will be a chance for students, faculty and practitioners who have a stake in the future of economics to come together, share experiences and opinions and develop a plan for a coherent way forward.


We look forward to sharing perspectives on current challenges and design the future of economics curricula together.


3:30 – Arrival

3:45 – Welcome

4:00 – Economics for a Sustainable Future

sharing perspectives and defining the topics of break out sessions

5:00 Break

5:20 Driving Curricula Reform

break-out sessions

6:00 Discussion and next steps

6:15 Apéro


See the invitation here: oikos_roundtable_invitation


Please register here:


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