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Sustainable Week

oikos Lille is bringing back the Sustainable Week but it is going to be different this year. They partnered with 3 other associations for the first days and with companies for the last two ones:

Monday 18: Oikos x EIW: Gender Equality and sports (11AM-2PM): tug war followed by a yoga lesson. It will be a fun afternoon. – outside, in front of gym
Tuesday 19: Oikos x EPA: Projection of the documentary “Conspiracy” (1PM-2PM): after the projection, there will be a quizz. The winner will receive a Lush prize. Also, there will be a debate around the topic of the documentary, which is he impact of animal agriculture on the environment. There will also be free food! – E410
Wednesday 20: Oikos x ECC x Green Solution: CSR consulting (4PM-7PM): case cracking from the company Green Soluce. There will be a cocktail afterwards to meet them, so don’t forget to bring your CVs ! – E306
Thursday 21: Sustainable Lifestyle (1PM-5PM): Many companies from the sector will be coming: Ringana (vegan and clean cosmetics), Wibes (sustainable shoes), Livia van Heerde (Sustainable lifestyle blogger) and El Market (sustainable shop in Lille). There will also be a little cocktail afterwards to meet them – E405
Friday 22: Sustainable companies (12AM-2PM): Three companies are going to come: Travel with a Mission (solidarity trips association), One step Group ( Explorer of unexploited capacities & co-builder of innovative and sustainable ecosystems) and Pocheco (sustainable envelope company). It will be followed by a cocktail – E405