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Transition to renewable energy by 2050 – is it possible?

We are happy to present you with the second event of our lecture series “Transformation – what is holding us back?”, in which we will be discussing possibilities and limits of socioeconomic change concerning different topics.

On Wednesday, the 24th of June, we will go into the second round, talking about the possibility of a renewable energy transformation by 2050 with IRENA, the “International Renewable Energy Agency”. IRENA is an intergovernmental organisation, supporting countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future in their role as a principal platform for international cooperation, while being a carrier of knowledge on renewable energy concerning policy, technology, resource and financial aspects.

The Director of IRENA´s Innovation and Technology Centre and IRENA´s Renewable Energy Roadmaps Team will go into depth on the key technologies and trends from their Global Renewables Outlook. This report outlines the investments and technologies needed to decarbonise the energy system in line with the Paris agreement. It also explores deeper decarbonisation options, aiming to eventually cut carbon dioxide emissions to zero. The talk will consist of a 45 minute presentation, giving us enough time for a detailed discussion afterwards.

We would be very happy to see a lot of you joining our talk so that we can learn about and discuss this important topic together!

The link to the Zoom Conference will be announced here shortly before the talk.

Looking forward,
your Oikos Köln Team & AK Plurale Ökonomik Köln

Visit the facebook event page here.