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Workshop: Developing a sustainability currency at CBS

The Sustainable Development Goals are everyone’s goals and we can help achieve them in our everyday lives. As part of the Students for the Global Goals Day on April 11, we are organizing a workshop to further help develop the very first monetary system favoring sustainable behaviours at CBS!

But how can we incentivize sustainable behaviours at CBS? SUPO is the answer! SUPO (Sustainability Points) is a community currency designed to encourage actors on CBS campus to behave more sustainably. Although there are various experiences of local monies designed for sustainability around the world, never before has one been introduced to a business school. CBS could be the first one!

SUPO was the winning idea during the Sustainable Campus Hackaton at the Student Innovation House in November 2017. A super engaged team is now further developing this system to implement it at CBS and they need your help! As future users of the systems, our input as students and staff is important and valuable. Therefore, we are organizing a workshop to help the team develop ideas and solutions to their most pressing questions.

It will be an open and engaging environment in which everyone’s input is heard and valuable!

Sign up is free through the link below:

Hope to see you all there and at all the other amazing events of the SDG Day!

Read more information here.