2020 St Gallen Unconference on sustainability

Organised by oikos Alumni for the oikos Community

To keep the oikos community and spirit up, we believe annual events are necessary!
Thus, we are delighted to invite you to join us at the first ever St. Gallen Unconference! We will gather a crowd of oikos alumni, active oikees and friends who share our vision of a sustainable future.The main goal of Unconference is to help you find as many links in the network as possible and to offer you the space to share your knowledge and experience. We are sure you will meet people who want to drive things, who want to build new businesses or new organizations to foster sustainable business, politics and economics.We hope this will also be a fun opportunity to meet old friends, make new acquaintances, create new connections and make existing connections blossom. This will be facilitated by extended networking slots (aka coffee or lunch “breaks”)…
Check the link for more info: https://www.stgallen-unconference.org/

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oikos International

posted July 17, 2020

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