oikosEventsCircular Economy – Disrupting business as usual

Circular Economy – Disrupting business as usual



Copenhagen, Denmark

Have you always wondered what a circular economy is? Join oikos Copenhagen on April 17 for this interactive event with presentations from Accenture and VIGGA.

Kristoffer Hvidsteen, Head of Accenture Sustainability Denmark, will present to us about how businesses can shift from a linear business as usual approach to a circular one, where growth is decoupled from the use of scarce and linear resource inputs. Based on Accenture’s publication “Waste to Wealth: The Circular Economy Advantage”, Kristoffer will introduce the five main business models through which companies can transform into circular practices and ten disruptive technologies that are essential for this change.

VIGGA is a maternity and kid’s wear brand, that is disrupting the global fast fashion industry by creating not only a sustainable product but also a sustainable way of using it. Monica Trabjerg Balle, Marketing Manager, will explain how the company wants to reduce waste, change consumption patterns, save parents time and money, and upset the textile industry by carving out a new market of practical (and more sustainable) shoppers. VIGGA is proof that the circular economy makes real sense, and that is beneficial for businesses, consumers and the environment alike.

The event is FREE but to secure your spot, sign up here: https://oikoscph.typeform.com/to/mjP938

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