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oikos FutureLab 2017



St. Gallen, Switzerland

The FutureLab is a Learning Platform and Conference for our member base, our Alumni, our partners, faculty and stakeholders. Once a year we convene in St. Gallen to advance topics close to our mission: integrating more sustainability in economics and management education.

The FutureLab looks back on six successful years of student-organized conferences. In 2017, we look forward to yet another great event. This year, it’s part of a three day celebration in honor of the oikos 30-year anniversary. By the way, registrations are now open!

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oikos is turning 30 this year. We celebrate with three events in St. Gallen, Switzerland, bringing together the global oikos community: Our members and alumni, advisors and faculty, partners and supporters, from 30 years of impact.

The first event is the oikos FutureLab, taking place in Pfalzkeller on October 12. On October 13, oikos St. Gallen hosts the oikos Conference (for the 29th consecutive year) at the University of St. Gallen. On October 14, oikos Alumni use the opportunity to network and reconnect. Join our celebrations! You can now register for all three days. Visit the oikos 30-year anniversary page at www.oikos-international.org/30.