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Insights into research: plastic problems and how to solve them



Tübingen, Germany

What problems does plastic in the environment cause and how does it affect animals? What is Bioplastics all about and is it an alternative to conventional plastic? And what do bacteria have to do with all this?

With two contributors, the event will provide insights into current research at the University of Tübingen: Rita Triebskorn, Professor at the Institute for Evolution and Ecology, Department of Physiological Ecology of Animals, will report on the differences between microplants and macroplastics, as well as possible effects in animals. Moritz Koch, doctoral candidate in the field of microbiology will discuss bioplastics and his doctorate work, that focuses on the production of bioplastics by cyanobacteria.

Date & Location: Wednesday, May 16th, 6 pm in Kupferbau (HS 24), Hölderlinstr. 5th