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oikos Book Presentation and Discussion



Leipzig, Germany

About a year ago, the oikos Book “Anders wachsen! Von der Krise der kapitalistischen Wachstumsgesellschaft und Ansätzen einer Transformation” was published thanks to the efforts of oikos Leipzig. On 25th January we will welcome Katja Kipping, the chairman of the party DIE LINKE and one of the authors of the book to a discussion at Lehmanns Bookshop. Together with the editors of the book Mathilda Reinicke and Maximilian Becker, she will discuss the book as well as the topic of unconditional basic income.

Almost all areas of our lives are characterized by growth and acceleration thinking. The basic assumption of perpetual economic growth is linked to the promise of prosperity and wealth. However, the reality is very different: the capitalist growth society causes numerous social and ecological crises both regionally and globally. They are an unmistakable sign that the ideology of economic growth is at an end and that it urgently needs alternatives.

Admission is free!

More information about the book can be found here: https://www.oekom.de/nc/buecher/gesamtprogramm/buch/anders-wachsen.html

More information about the event is here.