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oikos LEAP Meeting


19 - 25

Leysin, Switzerland

oikos LEAP Meeting 2018 will take place in Leysin, Switzerland from 19th to 25th October. The meeting is a gathering point for oikos LEAP President and Advanced Track Participants, who will spend a week engaged in intensive workshops directed towards enhancing their personal and professional skills.

To learn more about LEAP Advanced and apply, visit our LEAP program page here: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/leap/leap-advanced/  

About oikos LEAP 

oikos LEAP is designed to inspire young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equip them with insights, knowledge and tools to do so.

oikos LEAP challenges participants to reflect on themselves and their values. Whilst adopting and sharing the lessons learnt in their chapters, participants practice sustainable leadership. The result is strengthened chapter performance and greater impact in line with the oikos mission. These basics will, moreover, accompany participants throughout their lives and result in change towards sustainability.

LEAP Advanced is the most intensive of three LEAP tracks. The program is open to all oikos members.