oikosEventsoikos LEAP Webinar “Value Matters”

oikos LEAP Webinar “Value Matters”



oikos LEAP Webinar “Value Matters” (open only for Advanced Track Participants)

Date: 15.02.2018

Time: 18:00 CET

Values are the invisible backbone of our daily interactions – the directions we choose, the decisions we take and the commitments that shape our lives. To be aware of how values shape us, at home, at work, and in our communities is just the beginning of a personal journey toward authentic communication and relationships of trust and integrity.

Being true to our own values can be challenging when we are faced with the myriad of other’s views and values interacting with one another. It can be difficult to choose between equally important alternatives, to prepare for challenges that lie ahead, or to establish agreements that work for everyone. It requires courage and skill to give voice to what matters when emotions are in play and stakes are high.

There is room, however, to be creative and flexible in such moments. Against the clarity of ‘what truly matters’, relevant options can be assessed and meaningful choices can be made. This is the heart of values work. Individuals and organizations that live by their values generate the energy and passion to shape a future to which they are committed.

More info: http://edgewalkergroup.com/values-matter/

About speaker: 

Kimberly Hunn is a Master Certified Coach, dialogue facilitator and entrepreneur with experience in the design and delivery of innovative learning systems and cultural change initiatives. She has served as a senior mentor coach with a leading international coach training organization for twenty years and has developed collaborative projects on leadership and organizational architecture in the United States, Chile, Spain, Switzerland, UK, France, Dubai and Turkey.

Currently, Kimberly is developing sustainable business practices with her clients to adapt more successfully to a changing economic climate while preserving strong and cohesive relationships within an organizational framework. Her work is innovative, bold and engaging.

More information here: http://edgewalkergroup.com/about-us/kimberly-hunn/