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Workshop on Pluralist Economics



Witten, Germany

oikos Associate, J. Christopher Proctor will lead a workshop “Diversifying the economic toolkit: an introduction to pluralist economics” on February 7,  2018 in Witten, Germany.

The two-hour long workshop session will be a break for the oikos chapter in the midst of exams.  The interactive workshop will use a number of engaging role-playing games to ask participants to step into the shoes of various types of economists and make speeches, act out plays or even create ‘economic’ street art.

This workshop will introduce students to the world of “economic pluralism”—the idea that economics students should be taught a wide range of economic ideas and theories—by highlighting key insights from a number of different economic schools of thought and showing participants how these diverse theories can be applied to real-world economic issues.

More info on the event here!

To bring the Pluralist Economics workshop to your chapter, reach out to J. Christopher  at .