Need for Change

Do you feel like your university is preparing you for a world that will be overwhelmingly shaped by issues of sustainability?
There is a disconnection between the needs of the future and the education of today. This is most visible in the disciplines of economics and management, where many of the core principles presented to students are strikingly out of touch with the basic concepts of sustainability taught in the hard sciences.
This disconnect has led to an outburst of activity!
Students in economics departments and business schools around the world have recognized the problem and organized themselves to question what they are being taught and search for ideas that are more applicable to the real-world issues facing our generation.
What students changemakers say

oikos Barcelona is currently in ongoing communication with the ESADE faculty, representing student’s voice in university decisions on sustainability and providing aid in the curricular change process.

As we were part of the CC squad from the first moment, we could use the opportunity to connect with other chapters to develop joint projects.

While some universities are really eager for change and they might undertake a curriculum change by themselves, well others really like the status quo and don’t appreciate curriculum changes. On the latter case, student associations should take action because they might be the only ones capable of bringing change to their universities.

We create spaces to expand your knowledge on economic systems that respect planetary boundaries and we equip you with competencies to implement them in your local context.

You want yourself and your fellow students to be prepared for a liveable future?
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