Very few educational institutions are currently up to the task of truly preparing students for a world that will be overwhelmingly shaped by issues of sustainability. This disconnect between the needs of the future and the education of today is most visible in the disciplines of economics and management, where many of the core principles presented to students are strikingly out of touch with the basic concepts of sustainability taught in the hard sciences. This disconnect has led to an outburst of activity, as students in economics departments and business schools around the world have recognized the problem and organized themselves to question what they are being taught and search for ideas that are more applicable to the real-world issues facing our generation.

oikos has been working intensively to address these disconnections for over 30 years. To accelerate the process of bringing sustainability into the core of economics and management education, we recently launched the new Curriculum Change Initiative. Its main purpose is to foster the transformation of economics and management education together with the global oikos student community. We invite oikos members to take ownership of their own education. We accompany them in the process of shaping and influencing what they are being taught at their higher education institutions.

Keep an eye out for updates: We will share new information, resources, and opportunities for engagement regularly.

Currently, the initiative comprises the following projects: