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Join Us

Join our team: oikos Volunteers

Have you ever wondered what the oikos International work is all about?

Have you ever wanted to influence what we do?

Do you want to be a part of a diverse team at the international level?

And, above all, do you want to be the change?

Applications for Volunteer positions are open indefinitely.

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers are autonomous members of the International team, trusted with a project of their own. They usually maintain support functions for the day-to-day operations of oikos and its community, but also ensure our long-term impact with some more in-depth projects.

For example, one of our volunteers is currently supporting on a regular basis the applications of new chapters who wish to join our community. Another volunteer was supporting us in establishing our community platform, the internal online structure that enables our community to communicate and grow together towards a greater impact.

What can you do there?

How can you contribute?

We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • IT
  • Alumni
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Organizational Development
  • oiCases Volunteer


This is your chance! The oikos Working Groups are looking for YOU. Come and be a part of the team!

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Other volunteering positions are available within our Working Groups, check it out here.