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Alumni Network in India is getting Stronger

(Re)Structuring the alumni network in India is one of the main goals of the Knowledge Exchange Expedition (KEE). Mapping the Indian alumni network, finding ambassadors in the cities where most of oikos alumni live, providing the network with news and events to answer alumni and chapters’ needs, and connecting this network to the global oikos community are some of the tasks undertaken for the alumni community in India.

Considering the enormous Indian territory, we decided to  change the country ambassador approach to a city ambassador system.

We welcomed the ambassadors in:

  • Bangalore: Vaibhav Gupta from oikos Delhi & Akshay Mishra from oikos Kolkata
  • Mumbai: Nimisha Ghorpade from oikos Pune
  • New Delhi: Ritika Jain from oikos Lund & Akanksha Gupta from oikos Delhi
  • Pune: Darshan Khot from oikos Pune

You live in India and want to become an ambassador in your city? Don’t wait any longer & contact oikos Outreach Manager!

You live outside of India but want to get to know something about India for professional or personal reasons? Feel free to contact one of the ambassadors mentioned above.

The entry was prepared as part of the oikos Knowledge Exchange Expedition. Learn more about the KEE in April here