oikosNewsCurriculum Change Squad Meeting January 2021

Curriculum Change Squad Meeting January 2021

22 January 2021 | News

Join us for the Curriculum Change Squad Zoom Meeting on Friday, January 29 at 5pm CET. This meeting, we will be discussing how to make a student survey for curriculum change.

We will also get the input on the surveys by oikos chapter members presenting at the meeting. They will share their experiences with survey and offer insights on the proccess of coming up with and selecting the questions, how they implement it, proccess them and use the results.

There will also be space for discussion and exchange, where chapters looking to get involved in curriculum change can get the opportunity to learn from practical examples.

Finally we will be discussing the upcoming oikos Curriculum Academy.

If you wish to join the meeting all you have to do is fill the short form and join in through the link you’ll receive afterwards. We’re looking forward to seein you!