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Fall Legislative Meeting 2023 Follow-up

Hello dear oikees,


How nice to see many of you at our Legislative Meet last Saturday!

We really enjoyed the meeting and the discussions happening during the call, whether it be during the fishbowl or in our Zoom chat 😉 

(Missed the meeting? You can find the highlights of what has been said in the minutes and our presentation slides.)

As each fall, the most exciting part was definitely the oikos International Board Election! We are happy to announce our seven new Board members who are starting their Board term with a lot of passion and motivation! Congratulations to Abubakar Magaji Dawud, Antonia Pohlmann, Arjun Srivastava, Elza Krimela, Mehak Sharma, Victoria Yavorskaya and Yusuf Armayau!

As for the next steps, our newly elected board will start their term in November, with a smooth  and playful onboarding & handover process facilitated by the old board. 


This is not the only thing to celebrate: oikos Nottingham was unanimously approved as a Full Chapter of the oikos Network! They will now be able to vote as of the next Legislative Meeting in Spring 2024. Thank you to Iqra, who beautifully presented their past and future chapter activities to us! You can check out their presentation here. We wish you all the best as a full oikos chapter and hope to see you engaged internationally, too. 


What else is new & next: 

    • How can we foster collective transformative learning and structurally integrate it into higher education to make it future-proof? To explore this and more, we invite you all to the Higher Education Summit (Student Takeover) which we are hosting in collaboration with Copernicus Alliance! Register here and join us online from November 23rd to 25th!
  • We’re launching the third edition of the Community Impact Contest, submit your best chapter project by November 15th by filling this form. After a period of voting, we will announce the winners during the Higher Education Summit.
  • The continuation of our LEAP Researchers program is secured through a collaboration and funding with PRME i5! The new cohort will start in March 2024 and will integrate their playful learning pedagogy. So if you are a Master or PhD student or researcher, stay tuned on the call for participants!
  • The oikos sustainable finance squad needs support to co-create our Sustainable Finance Fellowship, a collaboration with NEIII! Check out first information here & reach out to Stephen to become a rockstar of this amazing squad! (
  • We relaunched the oikos Toolbox!!! It’s your guide around oikos International and a place to learn about best practices, tips and tricks for your chapter activities. It will be updated and complemented on an ongoing basis. 
  • The International Chapter Conference (ICC) is coming to Barcelona in Spring 2024. Stay tuned on more details!
  • Some of you may have noticed already, but our website is shining in a new design! Check it out here! Kudos to the oikos International IT team!


Last but not least, we would like to thank all our helping hands for supporting us in hosting this Legislative Meeting. Anna & Asha, thank you for your help in counting the votes; Michael & Lilia being accountable for the counting of chapters present so we can legally host the meeting; Alexandra, thank you for writing the minutes and to Darija, our IT host.


 Enjoy the rest of the autumn season,

Lauriane, Carolin and the oikos International Board