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Finance Learning Circle Updates

The Finance Learning Circle


Finance is at the core of sustainability – or lack thereof. Capital flows are a key factor in the development of our societies. Ensuring that they reflect long-term economic, social and environmental criteria is critical. As a result, what is being taught in finance classes and the research that is developed in finance institutes is a big deal. Making sustainability an integral part of this is essential. We – a group of oikos members and alumni – want to contribute towards reaching this goal.


Our session at the FutureLab will focus on the integration of sustainability in finance and on how to promote such integration in teaching and research of finance schools. We will take a deep dive into two specific topics within this broader field: the integration of sustainability criteria into investments, and the relationship between commodity markets and sustainability. We will prepare initial insights on these two topics to discuss with the participants. We will also have two external speakers from RobecoSAM and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to provide further background. And we then want to use this basis to identify leverage points for change at our universities and to develop at least three oikos projects to promote the integration of sustainability into finance education and research in 2015.


What we aim to come up with at the FutureLab shall be another milestone in what will certainly be a longer journey towards making sustainability an integral part of finance education and research. If you can’t join us in St. Gallen in November, but you are interested in getting involved, please let us know and join us in our Finance Initiative on Facebook at We’d be delighted to have you on board.




The FutureLab 2014


The oikos FutureLab is the biggest event in the annual oikos calendar which gathers representatives from the entire oikos community. It provides a 2-day platform for 120 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. It leverages our global network of student members, alumni, advisors, faculty and partners for action. It offers a “laboratory” to design initiatives, engage the oikos community in pursuing them and fuel our journey towards higher impact.


For more information click here.




What are Learning Circles?


A Learning Circle is a highly interactive, participatory structure for organizing group work within a subject area. The goal is to build, share and express knowledge through a process of open dialogue and deep reflection. Within each Learning Circle people with a common interest gain experience, knowledge and establish networks in their chosen subject area. The Learning Circle structure gives the oikos community the opportunity to map the landscape of a specific topic, get in touch with external inspirational experts and systematically spread the knowledge in our network. In 2014, seven Learning Circles were initiated: Leadership, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Economics, Fashion/Supply Chain and Management.


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