International Volunteers Day – A thank you to our Community

Dear oikees,

Today is International Volunteers Day! We want to mark this important occasion with an expression of gratitude on behalf of oikos International to all of you – our dear volunteers – for all the time, beautiful energy and tremendous effort you’ve dedicated to oikos in fulfilling its purpose, vision & mission throughout the year!

We’re proud to have such a devoted community of changemakers on all levels – from chapter members, to alumni, to the oikos International Board, squads and project teams. As volunteers, your contribution is immeasurable and you are truly the backbone and the driving force behind our global impact as an organization. We feel blessed to be co-presiding over such a community of incredible individuals putting your talents into service of making a difference and joining forces to create a better future for all of us – together.

There’s a thousand unique stories from each and every one of you, all of them inspire and move many, both within the oikos Community and beyond! These stories generate innovative ideas, collaborative energy and  power to move mountains and reach minds across the planet. Piece by piece you are creating impact in your homes, classrooms and offices, and bringing change to our communities, universities, environments and ultimately to the whole world!

As stewards of the community, we’re there to support you and make your stories heard – the stories which will inspire the new generations of leaders eager and skilled to drive climate action and advance sustainable development worldwide.

Thank you all once more for the passion and all the efforts you have put in oikos so far this year! We wish you the best of luck when taking on new challenges in the months ahead and want to reach out our hand – because whatever the challenge is, we can face it together!

All the best,

Darija, Carolin & Sophie
oikos International Co-presidents

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oikos International

posted December 5, 2022

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