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oikos Legislative Meeting Spring 2023 – What decisions were made?

Our first hybrid Legislative Meeting after 4 years was a great SUCCESS and we are excited to follow up with a summary. How amazing to see some of you in Copenhagen onsite at the oikos International Chapter Conference and others online dialing in from different places of the world!

We really enjoyed all your curiosities and proactive participation during the meeting, as this is fundamental for the continuity of oikos International. 

Let’s start our summary by celebrating the RESULTS of the Legislative Meeting: 

**drum roll**

  1. We congratulate Michael Winter who will become the new oikos International co-president 2023-25! The handover period will start in November 2023 and he will fully step into this new role from January 2024 as a successor of Darija Miletic.
    Thank you again to Asha Mandapati, Kristina Heilinger and Mahmoud Nageb for your strong applications and courage to step up for this opportunity!
  2. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that our Auditor’s Reports 2021 & 2022 as well as the Annual Report 2022 got approved by the simple majority of the Legislative Assembly.

Last but not least, our proposal to modify article 5 of oikos International Constitution got approved by 2/3 of the Legislative Assembly,  which will open up new opportunities for fundraising and widen our horizons at oikos International when it comes to the services we could potentially offer as an organization!